Meet the Goose Getters Team

Goose Getters Guide Service was started by Joe Prante - avid waterfowler and Colorado native. Joe is an active member of numerous waterfowl clubs and hunting conservation groups throughout Colorado. His blood boils for snow geese, but his expertise expands in to all other forms of waterfowl hunting.

Joe's son Jayce is a pivotal part of the Goose Getters team. Above all, his calling ability and hunting awareness is uncanny for a kid his age. He's only 13, but can blow a goose call and call the shots better than most!

Read more about our team below!

Joe Prante

Joe was born and raised in Colorado.  Chasing ducks and geese from border to border since he was young, he has perfected the craft of waterfowl hunting in Colorado.  Joe lives in Denver with his wife and 3 kids, who are avid hunters as well.  Joe believes in hunting the correct way, with ethics and honesty from the very beginning.  Many folks around Colorado rely on Joe for bird scouting reports, field conditions, and river hunting overviews.  He really knows his stuff and can’t wait to make you a part of The Goose Getters family!

Jayce Prante

Jayce is a 13 year old goose and duck hunting maniac.  His calling skills and shot calling surpass even the most seasoned waterfowl veteran.  He’s also a pretty fun kid to hang out with!  Jayce has been a part of Goose Getters since it first started in 2018, and has been able to hone and master his craft throughout that time.  If he’s not guiding hunts and calling in birds, he’s out scouting with his dad and hunting for his own pleasure.  If you’re hunting snow geese, canada geese, or ducks in Colorado then you need someone like Jayce on your team!


Who would a waterfowl hunter be without his best friend in the whole world?  Charlie has been on more hunts than we can even keep count of, and has grown so much to be the world-class hunting dog he is today.  Blind retrieves, ground retrieves, water grabs, NO PROBLEM!  Charlie is the glue that holds our whole team together!

Joe is an amazing guide. Went out with him a few times last year and went this past weekend as well. He treats you with the upmost respect. Can’t forget about Charlie. Charlie is his amazing yellow lab that is amazing at retrieving birds.
kim likes goose hunting and duck hunting in colorado
Kim Wolever
Colorado Hunter
Professional, knowledgeable, and hard working guide. Highly recommended.
joe rosenfield is a hunter in colorado
Joe Rosenfield
Colorado Hunter

Enjoy the hunt of your life

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